Monday, December 6, 2010

Shows of Early December

Not an action-packed calendar early in the week as it gets cold but there's lots of bands playing this weekend that deserve mentions.

TUESDAY Anna C. and I saw The Creamers at a house party and they took longer to set up and break down than to play: maybe 12-15 minutes of body-moving 'core yelling in short bursts. I like 'em. They play Beerland. Keys-and-drums girl-boy Long Tangles play Cheer Up Charlies, free.

WEDNESDAY The sublime group chemistry and rock star tambourine playing of Bottle Service make them one of my favorite local garage-y, no-fi good-time bands. They play Beerland. Local static-plus-dance band Bubbleface are in residency at Club 1808 doing their weird thing and it's free.

FRIDAY Intrigued by this Club 1808 Misprint show that's the noise side projects of the noise side projects of some already-loud Austin bands. At Hole in the Wall there's Focus Group, movement-friendly post-rock/fusion/electro featuring local MPC guru Soundfounder and the elusive Sleep Good, dreamfriendly crafters of the nifty all-analog Skyclimber. I like this show!

SATURDAY Fresh off an off-the-cuff but nonetheless impassioned performance in the Midgetmen's Neil Young-a-thon, The Gary play with their nearest and dearest at Trailer Space. All-in-the-family bands Killdeer and We'll Go Machete are featured as well. Anna and I couldn't get enough of La Snacks in their brief Young slot; we went to see them the night after at a house party. We need more of The Gary in our lives as well, and a free show? Yes please. Watching Dave gamely bellow through Neil Young lyrics he had just learned I was reminded of how much I love The Gary and how I even I take them for granted. I don't see them live nearly often enough given that there's hardly anybody I enjoy hearing play more. Saturday gives you plenty of options later: White Denim at Emo's are worth a local-premium ticket price to see. Hundred Visions are worth showing up early enough to check out. Three off-the-wall originals join forces at Hole in the Wall. Tornahdo are mind-melted, heavy space music. Same description could sort of apply to Megafauna and Opposite Day, too. But in completely different ways. Each of these bands has its own demented vision, but another thing they all have in common is amazing bass players. Added: There's a free gig Saturday at Maggie Mae's on 6th Street. Stylish modern guitar band She Sir and the epic circling keyboard emotions of Obsolete Machines are featured.

SUNDAY Shells for free at Highball. I like the of-the-moment twist on the blues this real lean-playing trio has. The drummer uses very little kit and hits what he does have sparingly, the bass is perfect as skeleton, and the guitarist honors their spirit by laying back and not overindulging... though he certainly has talent enough to let it rip if he wanted. The Mole People are playing that show as well; Jared from the Sour Notes reports "they're always fun."

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