Friday, December 10, 2010

Late Recommendation

Andrew Anderson, a songwriter and live performer whose opinion I trust, recently sent me a very cool package: a holiday EP with a nifty homemade ornament stamped with his "flyer" logo! I love CD packaging that doubles as DIY art project.

I'm not big on writing about out-of-town bands, but I am big on taking the advice of Austin musicians who work hard and tour 'til they're weary. Andrew recommended the folk/theater/husband-wife Destroy Nate Allen contact me since they're in town at Headhunters this Sunday. I like free shows, and I'm a fan of the oldest, broadest tradition of folk music where everybody sings and claps along. They used to have folksingers at I.W.W. rallies. They'd elaborate on the union's views in their verses, and there would be many repeated choruses where all the workingmen would join in on a simple refrain/organizing slogan. I prefer that strain of folk to introspective fellows watching their beards grow. Nate Allen does seem to have a beard, though. Anderson too. But they're not watching them grow. The real new old folk has that hardcore/hip-hop attitude we've been discussing a lot... making people get involved, making it about people joining together instead of individual airings of grievance. A good attitude for all holidays.

If not considering your own hair cultivation projects this Sunday night, perhaps go see Destroy Nate Allen. For free.

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  1. Thank you for writing this! Andrew is awesome. If someone want to check us out in greater detail, they should hit up our 6 full lengths are up for free download. Hope to see you at the show. Nate Allen