Monday, January 3, 2011

Twist My Arm

I hate end-of-year Top 10 lists. They suck. They're always the same, they're just everybody patting themselves on the back once again and agreeing that indeed they all have wonderful taste and you can tell because they all have the same opinions and read the same blogs. Do Beach House and Sleigh Bells have ANY chance of lasting careers? Geez. I hate the state of "indie" music culture so much nowadays that I've completely stopped listening to it, risking missing out on occasional stuff that's worthy of the hype (Grizzly Bear) so I can save myself the abject misery of listening to the stuff that isn't (FUCK the Arcade Fire).

Anyway, I did do a top-ten list quickly because John Waycuilis of Austin Radar asked me for one and I wanted to try and rig it to get some local bands on the charts. I guess I can't mention it in passing and not replicate it in full. Here is the list exactly as I sent it to John, with no comments.

1. Zorch- demo
2. The Gary- Logan
3. The Cocker Spaniels- Sometimes You've Got to Fight to Get a Bit of Peace
4. Black Keys- Brothers
5. For Hours and Ours- On a Weekend (12" EP)
6. Markov- This Quiet
7. White Rhino- Heroin Thunder (EP)
8. Rich Restaino & The Obits- We're In This Thing Together
9. Megafauna- Larger Than Human
10. Spoon- Transference

1 comment:

  1. Zorch really blew me away during SxSW. This is a good list. I love how your attitude about top 10 lists perfectly sums up how I feel about them! ha!