Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Slow Improvement and Speedy Death


I've been talking about being a couple of episodes away from giving up on "Heroes" since the midway point of the last season, and I'm no closer to doing so. They must be doing something right.

So the second episode of the fourth chapter, which is also the fifteenth episode of the third season, was on last night. It was a good one for a few reasons: Speedster Daphne finally bit the dust, as I've been rooting for since her first introduction. Sylar is finally starting to get scary again after Chapter Three did its utmost to defang him. Giving him a pint-sized sidekick (with similar tastes in color tones) sounds like a bad idea in a knee-jerk reaction kind of way, but the young actor they've cast shows potential. And the "good" team, minus Daphne and whatever Ali Larter's character's name is now, is getting together and sharing information and generally acting like they should have been from the very beginning.

It's better late than never that our characters are picking up the roles that have been waiting for them since the pilot. Nathan has gone through a lot of pointless, random allegiance shifts and seems to have landed in his natural pocket as immoral evil guy not too much the worse for wear. Parkman can get back to being Parkman now that he's had that festering 90-pound weight removed. Mohinder is starting to demonstrate non-lizard leadership skills again, and they've found a way to give Peter power without making him Too Good or giving him amnesia again.

There's still some work left to be done. Larter just needs to go, period, and Hiro has to get his powers back. Everybody really needs a shower. They also are going to have to introduce characters with new powers soon, to refill the rosters up a bit, and they need to not bungle it the way they did in Seasons 2 and 3.

And maybe, just maybe, they could have Noah Bennet pick a side and stick to it. For more than two episodes. I know that's a ton to ask, but they've asked a lot of me as a fan these past few seasons and I think it's time they started giving something back.

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